Pound by Todd English

I first tried #Pound when we were strolling High Streets. The boyfriend and I were looking for a place to have dinner.

Then he suggested #Pound out of the blue, which was very strage since he isn’t a foodie – he just love to eat. Ya feel me?

I was skeptical at first because it really looks pricey and the facade kinda looks like a wine bar to me.

It was suggested by the boyfriend’s workmate. And so we gave it a go.


Marvin ordered the POUND FOR POUND (P195), it’s a sampler of the T. E. Slider and the T. E. Crispy Chicken.

I ordered the Amsterdam Burger (P280). Sorry I don’t have a photo! I liked it at first but I ended up switching food with Marvin because his’ was better.

We also got some Bacon Poutine (P210) which I really enjoyed. It’s not your typical fries, it is very flavorful and the sauce was tdf!

I know, I know. I may not have the best photo but believe me when I say – their chicken slider is THE BOMB.


Price – 5/5

Quality – 5/5

Ambiance – 5/5

Likelihood to come back – 5/5



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