Coco Ichibaya

Since I’m just starting with my blog, I am on to reviewing the restaurants that I have tried the past months. 

Pardon me if my photos are not “blog quality” yet. I will make it a habit to bring my camera out aside from my iPhone.

So I first tried Coco when my friends decided to meet up in their BGC branch. I was half-hearted at that time cos I did not like curry that much, but I want to try something new, so why the hell not. 

My first experience was mind blowing. I never thought that Japanese curry was so flavorful and their meat is very very juicy. I did try Yabu’s katsu curry before but it was just okay but Coco’s version was nothing but superb!

I first tried Coco last November, and if I’m not mistaken, I think I have eaten there for 5 times in total up to this date. We even celebrated Valentine’s day in Coco! Ha!
Here’s their very refreshing corn salad (P100) you can choose between sesame and goma dressing. 

I love how the eggs are cooked and it compliments the sauce. Here’s the Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry (P360). For all their curries you can choose your level of spicyness and how much grams of rice would you like. 

I also tried the very juicy Chicken Cutlet Curry (P340). 

I cannot find a photo of my calamansi iced tea and ice cream upgrade (Plus P80). Their iced tea was just right. They serve the ice cream with two flavors, strawberry and cookies & cream. I must say, both of them are really good!

Price – 5/5

Quality – 5/5

Ambiance – 5/5

Likelihood toncome back – 5/5


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